Monday, July 28, 2014

Baltimore Garden Block 23

I did some prep work this weekend, so that I could get started on the stitching of block 23.  This one has quite a few leaves and some lovely curved stems.  The layered flowers will really make this block sing.

I didn't get as much hand quilting done yesterday as I had hoped, but I got a bit  bummed out after the game as Chase's team lost 0-1 to a Manhatten, NY team.  I thought about all the early morning practices and years of playing.  The day before they had come back from being down 2 and scoreless to winning 5-2 in overtime.  But, this morning, I realized not everyone can win, we must celebrate our achievement and being number 2 in the nation is quite an achievement.  He will come home with a silver medal and memories that will last a life time.  He still has college days to look forward to, hopefully his hard work will land him some scholarships. 
It is such a gorgeous day here. The humidity is gone and the temps a bit cooler, so this morning I headed to the garden to pick the produce.  This afternoon I plan to sit in the sewing room and relax with some hand quilting. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cheering and Stitching!

Starting the day off with a slow start.  Slept in this morning, it's such a good feeling!  Sundays are usually a day that Kathy reminds to slow down and enjoy some slow stitching.  But my day today will start with watching my grandson Chase play in the Championship game at the  US Youth Soccer event. Yesterdays game was a nail biter.  They were down by two the  whole first half and finally after 90 + minutes they ended with a tie, so the game went into overtime for another 30 minutes. They played hard and gave it their all and won 5-2. 
Chase in yesterday's game
Here is doing what goalie's do!

So after the game I hope to get to hand quilting on Simple but Not. It is going to be a very hot day here, with high humidity before the cold front comes thru tomorrow.  So I can't think of a better way to spend the day. The ac will be running hard, Chase will be running hard, and I will be slow stitching the day away!