Sunday, September 14, 2014

Very Slow going!

I will be adding more petals today.  I started the fourth layer of the flowers. This block has a total of eight flowers, two are completed.  I then decided maybe I would try to apply chain stitching ideas to my applique. So I am working on the remaining six flowers at the same time.  
Layer four pinned into place

This is very slow stitching, as each layer seems to get smaller and smaller, but I do love sitting in the early morning and focusing on each applique stitch as the needle goes thru the fabric.  I am so glad I revisited this block and took on the challenge of stitching these flowers.  The ruched flowers I made to use on it originally were nice, but I it really pleases me to follow the footsteps of the original maker and needle turn these flowers.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Seeing a lot of Orange these days!

I got busy and finished up my three pickle dish blocks for September.   I don't get bored making these like I usually do when I am piecing.  It may be because I am only making three a month, so it is much more like a small project.  The new color of the month helps too!  It is always fun to see how each color will turn out.

After making my three orange blocks, I just had to drag the rest out of the closet and lay them out!  I have no clue what the final layout will be.  I think I may take some time and play with all this wonderful color.  It will be hard to decide!

I do know that I have thoroughly enjoyed this fun journey with scraps from my stash and a color theme.   These fabrics so look so much better this way than laying on a shelf or sitting in a box. If you need ideas just head on over to where Angela is hosting RSC2014 and see what others are doing. It is so inspiring!