Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ready for September

Well I  made it! Thankfully, there were five Saturdays in August.   I had to slip in making a quilt for my daughter this month, which put everything on hold.  But this week I got all my August  RSC 2014 blocks finished.  Each month I make 3 pickledish blocks and a large wonky star block.  It's all down hill from here and I am looking forward to our next color in September.

I also have been working on some cogwheel blocks that I started last summer.  They kind of went to the back of the list of active projects.  My summer push was finishing my Baltimore Garden blocks.  But I am needing a little vacation from my applique.  So I decided since I only need eight of these to finish them up why not fit them into the picture. 

The one on the left still needs to have the center circle appliqued down.  Still trying to use up scraps and pieces that are in my stash.  I have a piece of chintz that I want to use as the background in this quilt.  I hope to make some more design decisions once I get all eight cogwheels done.  Really flying by the seat of my pants here, a whole lot of fun! If your scraps are getting out of hand may I suggest going over to Angela's blog and see what others are doing with their scraps. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Completed Chevon

Yeah! I made the deadline and am so glad that this quilt is finished on time.  Now to get it wrapped and shipped so that my daughter can enjoy it!

 I feel like I need to speak about the machine quilting I did.  I just finished a Craftsy Class on straight line machine quilting done with a  walking foot.  I must say it was a much more pleasurable experience than my first attempt probably fifteen years ago.  I off set the chevron pattern to the pieced chevron pattern and like the way it turned out. Not quilted very heavily, but I decided to leave it as is for my first experience.  I didn't feel comfortable adding more, so I listened to myself and said it is finished!!!!