Saturday, August 1, 2015

July's update!

Where does the time go?  It definitely is time to update the blog with what I have been doing!   My focus this month was to finish up my Tribute to George quilt.  I was able to use all of my blocks except the embroidered cherries and I have decided it will become the label for the quilt so it will be included it will just be on the back.  I am pleased that my challenge to make some blocks and bring them together into a quilt top was successful!

Tribute to George will move into the closet waiting it's turn to be quilted.  Which brings me to thinking about pulling Baltimore Garden out to prepare it for quilting.  I worked on some templates of shapes that I will use in the open background areas.   I love that Barbara Burham included the quilting designs on the pattern.  The plan is to fill in with some closely quilted lines or echo quilting. So this one is going to take a while but should be a lot of fun!

I have decided on my next project.  Trailing Vines a quilt first made by Susan Mc Cord from Indiana.  Her quilts are just amazing!!!!!!!!  Janet over at Quiltsalott did a sew along a few years ago and generously offered her rendition.  So that is where I will start!

First a lot of tracing needs to happen

I have prepped the stems on the first panel so now on to prepping the leaves.  I hope to use up the small bits of fabric leftover from the previous scrappy quilts I have made.  It will be my go to project for a while when I want to put in some applique stitches.

TATW is still hanging around. Row 24 is finished and I have two sides done on Row 25.  I know that Row 30 is close at hand, we will see if my stash can get me there.  I am very close to 50 inches square which makes for a nice size throw.

I have spent so much time working on tops that I really am missing my favorite part of quilt making and that is the quilting.  Last year I took a craftsy class to help me with my machine quilting skills.  I did some straight line quilting on my granddaughters quilt.  This time I am trying a spiral quilting pattern.  This scrap quilt was a Moda Bake Shop pattern called Woven.  I made it for my husband and am naming it Country Road!  

Starting was the most difficult part!
Day One !  The first bobbin got me this far!
Day 2 Bobbin two!
Day 2 Bobbin 3
Finishing this one will be my focus next week!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tribute To George

I can't believe we are celebrating the 4th of July already. This summer seems to be slipping away right before me.  My current projects are slow going, and I am sure that is part of the reason I feel that time is moving along too quickly.   I finished another block for my Tribute to George quilt.  It is the Mt Vernon block. This photo that I found online was my inspiration.

It seemed a bit bland with just the house so I added the hand embroidery to add some interest and depth to the block.  I think it will be a great additon to the quilt.  Today I will try and finish up the embroidery on another quiote that I want to include.  So what's next?  Since George asked Betsy to make the flag, I think a applique flag block is next on the agenda.  Once it is complete I think I will be ready to lay out the major players and see what I need to bring it all together.

A fellow quilter shared this video this week on a facebook group.   I really could relate to this quilter so I am sharing it here as I know many of my followers love to  use hand work to make their quilts.  She reminded me that to get the results I enjoy it takes time.  It isn't a race!